It is our duty to inform all guests of Adria Mare Suites with few general rules to be followed by all accommodated guests:

  1. In order for the host to report your stay, on arrival at the accommodation unit guests must hand over the personal documents for all persons (passports or personal IDs). The guest is required to pay for the accomodation in advance for the agreed period.
  2. The accomodation starts at 2pm on the arival day and ends at 9am on the departure day.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to allow entry to persons who are not users of the accommodation in Adria Mare Suites. If any persons that are not registered or announced during booking are discovered, the host and the agency reserve the right to cancel the accommodation for all guests.
  4. 10pm to 8am is to be observed as a time of nighttime rest and during that time it is forbidden to make noise or disturb other guests. Guests can use our terrace til 11pm.
  5. During the stay in suites it is obligatory to lock the door, and prior to leaving the guest must close the windows, parasols, turn off the light, any electric appliances, and turn off the taps.
  6. Prior to using the air conditioning all dors and windows must be closed. Air conditioning has to be turned off before leaving the suite.
  7. Guests are responsible for the key of their suite an locking the door. We are not responsible for the disappearence of any personal possesions left in suites.
  8. We reserve the right to enter the suites in absence of guests if we find it necessary to avoid any damage being done.
  9. Guests are offered linen, towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, liquid soap and a detergent. Linen are changed every 7 days.
  10. In case of damage or disappearance of the appliances or furniture the guest is obliged to report it. If the guest is responsible for the damage or disappearance we have right to claim the compensation.
  11. It is forbidden to move any of the suite’ s equipment out of the suite.
  12. Smoking is forbidden inside the suite, but allowed on the balcony or in the yard.

In the case of violation of the House rules, Adria Mare has the right to cancel the accommodation.