In Vodice and surroundings there are many sport and recreational activities available to you, the most interesting ones being:

Rent a bike

You can get to know Vodice by walking, but why not on a bike? Companies of Vodice offer bike rentals at affordable prices, so anyone wanting to tour the nature on two wheels can easily rent a sports bike – for an entire day or only for a few hours – suit yourself.

Rent a boat

If you own a skipper’s license, you can rent a boat in Vodice and sail the Adriatic Sea according to your wishes and plans. Different types of boats are at your disposal – from speedboats for riding on the open sea to rowboats for a more calm and romantic sailing. For boats with horsepower lower than 5, you don’t need a license. If you want to sunbathe on the open sea, rent a speedboat with a sunbathing space on the forecastle.


An active vacation will benefit your body and mind the most, so we recommend you include sports in your summer vacation. If you like tennis, you will be delighted by the fact that Vodice has three tennis courts on which you can try out your talent or practice your skills. Two of those tennis courts are within the hotel complex Olympia, where you can hire a coach and arrange tennis lessons.

Bicycle routes

Avid cyclists who don’t want to miss out on riding their favorite vehicle during their vacation can choose between several routes for their cycling. You can practice mountain biking on the Okit hill, which surrounds Vodice. There you can enjoy in the scents of Mediterraniean nature while you ride through the bushes. Choose routes near the shore for an easier ride.

Scuba diving

Meet the picturesque depths of the Adriatic Sea and choose Vodice as your location for scuba diving. Here you can find notable submarine archaeological remains, the so-called ship graveyard. Under the sea you’ll have a chance to admire corals, fish, oysters and other inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea. In Vodice, there are a few scuba diving centers in which you can get a scuba diving license, rent a diving suit and take diving lessons.


If you want some adrenaline, in Vodice you will easily recieve the dose you need. If you haven’t tried this type of activity yet, you should know that flying over the sea will amaze you. You can „fly“ in pair or in threes for 15 or 30 minutes. You can find parasailing on Plava beach in Vodice.


For unforgettable memories of Vodice, choose a jet-ski which allows you to visit small islands or national park in the Adriatic Sea by yourself. Embark on the adventure by yourself or with two or three friends and rent a motor for dynamic sea sailing for a couple of hours. For beginners, jet-ski training is offered, but there is also a jet-ski safari, lead by a driver.

Big Game Fishing

If you like fishing for big fish, you can have the experience of fishing in Vodice. Maybe you’ll catch a shark, a swordfish or a big tuna. Fishing on a boat is far more interesting than fishing from the shore. Both kinds require a permit which you can get at the Mali porat fishing club in Vodice. If you prefer fishing for small fish, choose the less demanding recreational fishing.

Bungee Jumping

Fearless tourists seeking fun and challenge can try bungee jumping on the Sibenik bridge. Only a few kilometers from Vodice your exciting leap awaits, which can be filmed with a videocamera upon request. Conquer fear and enjoy your unforgettable jump.